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Single Payment for Module 1

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Single Payment for Module 1


Module one of the programs runs for 8 weeks. This module applies neuro science of change and success conditioning helps students build healthy positive beliefs and attitudes that promotes learning and overall self confidence in one’s ability.  In this module students learn how to: 

 ✓ Reprogramming negative self-talk

✓ Develop positive attitudes towards subject and teachers

✓ Anchor oneself to a resourceful state 

✓ Overcome learning barriers

✓ And so much more  

James Gitau


✓ Positive learning attitude 

✓High personal standards and self-worth 

Improved focus  

✓ Develop a winning attitude  

✓ Ability to set and pursue goals with determination  

✓ Better time management  

✓ Improved personal organization 

Better initiative